क्या ब्रह्माण्ड जिन्दा है | Universe is alive: best space documentary in hindi

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This is SHYAM TOMAR and welcomes to Tech & Myths
Did you know that or universe is alive? That it’s a whole complex living organism just like you, or me, or any other creature. No, I’m not mad. I’m very much sane and I’m going to spend the next several minutes proving that to you. Are you with me, friends?

It took quite a bit more than 7 days to create the universe as we know it today. Many people believe in evolution. The process of development of all living organisms from a single cell. It couldn’t be easy yet it happened according to many theories, fossils, mad scientists and of course Ross. Evolving from the most basic of microbes into a dazzling array of complexity over time, life is a truly magical thing. Now, the real question is who put that single cell there in the first place?

dosto kya universe jinda hai? agar ham solar system me mojud stars ko study kare to yahi lagta hai ki solar system jinda hai. aur jab star constellation ko dekha jata hai to galaxy me mojud stars ek DNA ke structure ki tarah dikhate hain. jab space science ko bariki se study kiya jata hai t aisa lagta ahai ki ham jinda universe ka hi ek part hain.

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